Types Of Skip Bins


You should use skip bin hire Leichhardt to dispose of rubbish that falls into this category. At skip bins Perth, you’ll find the most affordable skip bins on the market. Even if all other methods of trash reduction such as reusing and recycling are employed, there will still be rubbish that must be disposed of in landfills.

Certain types of skip bins are –

  1. Marrel skip bins: Among skip bin types, Marrel skip bins are by far the most widely used. They have higher sides and are harder to load than other skip bin varieties. They have high sides. Starting at 1.5 cubic metres, Marrel skips can go up to 17 cubic metres in volume.
  2. Hook lift skip bins: In addition to roll-off skip bins, there are hook lift skip bins, often referred as walk-in skip bins. They are longer and have lower sides than Marrel skips. The swung-open rear door is their most distinguishing feature. The loading process is made simple by the fact that they have walk-in access to the skip.
  3. walk-in skip bin: With these skips, you can load anything from 2 cubic metres up to 12 cubic metres, which is more than most other companies’ hook lift skips can handle! No matter how much rubbish is placed in the skip, customers are only paid for what they use.
  4. Moveable skip bins: In contrast to Marrel and hook lift skips, these are new sorts of bins that are smaller in size. Mini skip bins are the name given to these containers. In the workplace, they resemble front-lift bins, which are commonly seen. Without a permit, they can be moved by tiny trailers, which can be parked on public roads. Between 3 and 6 cubic metres is the most common size for this type of container.
  5. Skip bags: Unlike other types of skip bins, skip bags are completely unique. These can be rented on a long-term basis, just as skip bins, which you can only use once. Hessian bags are also used instead of steel bins. Skip bags can be picked up and dropped off at your home or business on a regular basis if you request one. For as long as you like, you can keep this skip bag at your place.


Because most diseases are spread by bacteria and germs in the environment, proper waste management is essential for a clean and healthy community. As a result, it is our ethical obligation to maintain a clean working and living environment. With the correct waste management system, this can be achieved.

There are four different sorts of skip bins available for rent if you’re in the market for one. Skip bags, hook lifts, and Marrel skips are among the options.

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