Duties Of A Good Drink Driving Solicitor




When caught, drink driving charges may lead to imposing a ban on driving and at most, prison time. Although drunk driving appears to be a minor crime in front of the law, it can still lead to serious punishments. For instance, if one fails to appear before the court of law for their hearing, a serious setback may follow. At extreme, these setbacks can lead to the issue of warrants for arrest. To deal with these charges, the motoring solicitors use their knowledge and skill to defend. Drink driving lawyer in Perth, solicitors, are people associated with the law whose responsibility is to take the cases to trial.   

Procedural problems are often encountered by the police in the prosecution service when dealing with drink-drive-related cases. This does not always include a straightforward charge but also the failure to provide a specimen and charges. The police are under a certain amount of pressure once they catch the drunk drivers. The chief reason behind this is the diminishing of the level of alcohol in the system as time passes. The drink-driving solicitors realize the importance of charges and their aftermath. For this reason, they do everything in their power to save the person charged.  

Effect of drink driving charge on license 

Once in a court, the person charged with a drink driving charge has two options. He can either plead guilty or plead not guilty. Both of these have differing consequences, therefore are to be chosen wisely. In case of not guilty, the case will be adjourned for another hearing. The police will serve you before the hearing starts. Moreover, the magistrate will hear both sides of the evidence before deciding on a verdict of guilty or not guilty. If the person is found not guilty, the charges posed are acquitted. However, the court imposes a sentence if the person charged is found guilty.  

In contrast to this, if you plead guilty in court, the case proceeds to sentence. Unlike the case of pleading innocent, this case usually winds up on the same day it is brought to court in. Thus, one should prepare well to ensure the best possible outcome for the person charged. An early plea of guilty will reduce your sentence by up to 25 precent. If the lawyer requires more time to prepare or for legal advice, they may ask the court for an adjournment to have your sentence heard on another day. All the mandatory documents are to be prepared before going to court. These documents include an apology letter, psychologist report, good character certificate, evidence of the impact of a criminal conviction, and license disqualification on the job of the person charged.  

For high range drink driving, one can avoid prison, a conviction, and still keep your license without a disqualification period even after pleading guilty. This can occur only if the court gives a section 10 dismissal or non-conviction release order. Penalties for this type depend upon whether this either is the first or second drink driving offense.  For more information, please log on to https://www.fourlionlegal.com.au/criminal-lawyers/